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A world of


We are an innovative company with incomparable people that has expanded its activities to all continents.

Our goal is to be assertive and to be able to reconcile the wishes of our customers and the sophistication of a luxury brand.

With smarter tools, we transform the real estate experience and these details are what make us unique.

Around the world, we bring together the most reliable and specialized consultants on the market, with a unique vision that inspires, helping everyone to make better and more assertive decisions.

With i9properties you can live wherever you want!

Real estate mediation

Consultancy and mediation in all phases of the business between clients and partners for real estate investment.

Partnerships with offices

Partnerships established with law firms around the world.

Key in hand

Turnkey projects with architectural, construction and rehabilitation services (in the same group).


Do not worry! Do excellent business with complete peace of mind and security.

Exclusive concierge service

A way of being closer to customers in the after-sales period, helping them to make decisions and solving needs and doing the intermediation together with public services and searching for day-to-day resolutions.

We found the destination

perfect for living and investing