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Discover the State of Florida

Among the most sought-after countries for housing by foreigners is the US, especially for work and investment. And Florida has been one of the favorite states of Brazilians, who are attracted by the beach climate and opportunities. The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, created in 1981, promotes business opportunities for the Brazilian community.

Florida is one of the cheapest cities to live in the US as there is no state tax. In addition, it is almost 80% bathed by the sea and has a hot climate, with sun for 2/3 of the year and rapid rains.

Ideal for those who like to enjoy the outdoors, it has lots of greenery and excellent air quality. There are more than 1,300 golf courses, rivers, streams, 161 state parks, three national parks and 10 of the 25 best beaches in the country.

In Florida there are many immigrants and Spanish is considered an official language in some cities. For Brazilians who do not speak English, it is possible to communicate easily in Spanish. Tourism is the mainstay, with its theme parks offering many year round jobs. In addition, the rental home market is always hot.

When it comes to education, Florida has a large number of high schools and three universities with the highest number of patents registered in the world. The state also has more than 300 general and specialized hospitals.

Florida is not just Disney parks and beaches, it has excellent conditions for investments. It is listed by Forbes as one of the 20 best states for doing business and offering skilled labor. In addition, Florida was named the number one state for innovation by Fast Company magazine and fifth with the best tax incentives by the Tax Foundation. Florida’s consumer market is the fourth largest GDP in the US. In addition, a large part of the population speaks foreign languages, which expands business opportunities.

Florida has grown as a technology hub, generating many job opportunities in the area. And it has impeccable infrastructure, with 19 large airports, two spaceports, 15 seaports and more than 4,800 kilometers of commercial freight train tracks and 20,000 kilometers of highways. And there’s more, there are more than 60 thousand export companies.

The perfect destination to live and invest

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Where to live?

We’ve separated two of the favorite places to live in Florida:


Living in Miami is the dream of most people. In addition to the wonderful beaches, the city has a strong economy and is close to Orlando. The city is also known for offering a healthy lifestyle. The climate is considered ideal, with an average of 16ºC on the coldest days and 27ºC on the hottest days. For this reason, enjoying the beaches is really easy in Miami. Among the favorites by visitors are South Beach, Hollywood Beach and Haulover Beach.


It is the world capital of theme parks, such as the Walt Disney Resort Complex; Universal Studios, SeaWorld, in addition to Outlets, Museums, Shows and Exhibitions. Orlando is not all fun. It is an excellent option for housing, as it offers security, good schools, excellent roads. It is well wooded and has public parks. The tax on services and products is low and there is no state income tax levy.
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