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Discover Portugal

One of the favorite destinations for Brazilians has been Portugal. Among the reasons are the Portuguese language and the reception of the Portuguese people. In addition, Brazilians have the right to citizenship, as the country was a Portuguese colony.

The simplified process speeds up entry into the country. Upon obtaining Portuguese citizenship, which is possible after five years of living in the country, the Brazilian will be able to stay permanently and will have the same rights and duties as the Portuguese, such as using the health system, working, voting, studying, etc.

Portugal’s strengths are safety, tranquility, cost of living, landscapes, culture, climate, vineyards and gastronomy. It is still possible to find our Brazilian food, as well as much of our culture, such as music.

Public health and education are free and of excellent quality. And for those who love nature, the country, located on the Iberian Peninsula, has about 92 thousand square kilometers, with beautiful landscapes of mountains and forests (north and center); arid plains (south); a coast with beautiful beaches and the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores with lots of vegetation.

There are many reasons to invest in Portugal, which is now the first country, according to the World Bank, in the International Trade category and the third safest nation in the world, according to Global Peace.

In addition, it is the sixth country with the highest percentage of energy generated by renewable sources and one of the favorites for tourists. Portugal has also attracted foreign investment and its politicians maintain positive visibility in the international media.

The perfect destination to live and invest

public education
Traditions and

Where to live?

Some places have been the darlings of Brazilians as housing. Among them are:


t is the capital of the country, which concentrates most of the population. It receives many tourists throughout the year and stands out for its history, streets and commerce that are always busy. Also known for the restaurants and bakeries with typical Portuguese delicacies.


It is one of the most famous cities in the Lisbon region, close to the beach and very quiet. The city is very organized, clean and has a mild climate, ideal for enjoying the beaches. In addition, it has some of the best public schools in the country. The city therefore offers an excellent quality of life and is also very popular with tourists, especially in summer.


Oeiras is very well located, just 19 kilometers from Lisbon. It is considered one of the best options for those who want to work in Portugal, as it is one of the research and development centers in Europe and has industrial parks and companies such as Google, LÓreal, Bayer, among others. Therefore, it offers higher salaries than the country's average. The city also has a mild climate all year round and beautiful beaches, parks, green areas, hiking and biking trails.
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